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We create our boarding play groups based on size, age, and temperament. Each pet, or family of pets has their own beautiful, suite which is cleaned multiple times a day. We do rotated play groups outside. It is usually 20-30 minutes of play to 60-90 minutes of down time in between each session. If your dog is not group play friendly, or over 1 year old and unaltered, one on one time with the staff is necessary with limited availability. Each suite has its own attached locker, so your dog’s belongings stay separate from our other guests. We do ask that you pre-portion their food into individual meals. This way we can make sure they have enough food for their stay. We do charge a $20.00 fee if your pet’s food is not pre-bagged. If your pets bedding becomes soiled, we wash and dry it immediately. Please make sure any bedding you bring is machine washable. Ensuite waters are freshened each time the dogs are out, and water is available outside at all times. The dogs go out for their last potty break between 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM. We do require a meet and greet prior to their first boarding stay. If you pick up your dog by noon on your departure day, you’re not charged for that day.

Bungalow Boarding Suites

East: $50/day, each additional pet in the same suite is $45/day.

West: $55/day, each additional pet in the same suite is $50/day.

The Bungalow Suites are our larger, upgraded luxury suites. They are approximately 6x8' in size. Both locations offer satellite color TVs, as well as all of the amenities included with our Club House suites.  Reserve your bungalow early, these book quickly!

Club House Boarding Suites

East: $40/day, each additional pet staying in the same suite is $35/day.

West: $45/day, each additional pet staying in the same suite is $40/day.

This rate includes all play time, dishware, raised cot style beds, bedding (if requested) and lots of individual attention. Your pet will be out multiple times per day in one of our three play yards; the frequency depends on weather conditions. An indoor arena is available when the weather isn’t ideal.

Cubby Room Boarding Suites

East Location Only

$32/day  Our small dog suites are limited to pets 25 pounds and under only.


They are approximately 3’x3’ in size and provide a more secluded environment for our smaller breeds. The walls are solid with a gated front so our guests can take in their surroundings safely without feeling isolated.  Our cubby rooms include all of the amenities of the Caribbean Bay Suites as well, minus the cot beds.  We offer our cubby suite guests plush dog beds or fleece blankets if personal bedding is not available.

Cat Boarding

East or West: $20 per day

All individual play time in the Cat Room is included. We have 2 level kitty condos for our families with multiple cats. We supply kitty litter, the litter box, beds and bedding (if requested) and all of the dishware. Litter boxes are cleaned multiple times a day and our kitty condos are cleaned and water is refreshed during play me. We have a large custom cat tree, large windows and lots of cat toys to keep your feline friends entertained and active.

While the humans are away on vacation
so are we 
Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat.


We are happy to cater to each guest’s specific dietary needs. We ask that you bring in your pet’s regular diet or let us know in advance if you’d like our kennel food served. We have the ability to refrigerate, freeze, cook, bake…pretty much anything you want, we can do! We ask that you pre-measure the amount of food your pet will need for each meal and provide specific feeding instructions. Our goal is for your dog to have a stress free, fun experience and maintaining their meal schedule is a very important part of that. We offer three feeding times daily to accommodate individual needs. We are happy to supply our kennel food (NutriSource Grain Free Chicken Formula) if your pet runs out of food or if you’d prefer not to bring food from home. We also have a boiled chicken and white rice option for those with sensitive stomachs. The rates for our food options are $2/meal for the grain free kibble and $5/meal for the chicken and rice. If your pet does not eat well, and you would like us to add a small amount of chicken and rice to their meal, this is available for an additional $2/meal




We are happy to administer medication at no charge for your pet while they are boarding with us, but we require detailed documentation of exact dosage instructions and the reason the medication was prescribed. We are happy to administer insulin with specific dosage instructions and an additional fee. ($10 daily for Insulin injections)

Bedding, Toys and Snacks

We encourage you to bring any toys, treats and bedding from home to help your pet adjust to his/her new environment during boarding. It’s always nice to have something from home to snuggle with! We never let your dog stay with soiled bedding, so please bring items you are comfortable with being laundered. Just a reminder…sometimes toys and bedding don’t leave in the same state they arrive, so leave the favorites at home! We love giving your pet treats and bedtime snacks, but we only give the snacks you provide.

To reserve boarding call us at:
Eden Prairie

Required Vaccines



  • Rabies Vaccine 

  • Bordetella Vaccine

  • Distemper Combo Vaccine

  • Negative Fecal test within a year



  • Feline Leukemia Vaccine or Neg. test

  • Rabies Vaccine

  • Distemper Combo Vaccine

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