"While the humans are away on vacation so are we! "
Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat

Caribbean Bay Boarding Suites

    $35/day, each additional pet staying in the same suite is $30/day. This rate includes all play time, dishware, cot style beds, bedding if requested and lots of individual attention. Your pet will be out multiple times per day in one of our three play yards; the frequency depends on weather conditions. A large indoor play yard is available when the weather isn’t ideal.


   We create our boarding play groups based on size, temperament and age. Each pet or family of pets has their own beautiful, tiled suite which is cleaned multiple times a day. Each suite has its own attached locker so your dog’s belongings stay separate from our other guests. Soiled bedding is changed and laundered immediately. Waters are freshened each time the dogs are out and water is available outside at all times. The dogs go out for their last potty break between 9-11 PM. If you pick up your dog by noon on your departure day, you’re not charged for that day.

Bungalow Boarding Suites

   $45/day, each additional pet in the same suite is $40/day. The Bungalow Suites are our larger, upgraded luxury suites that have extra plush toddler beds with down or fleece bedding, satellite color TVs as well as all of the amenities included with our Caribbean Bay suites. Reserve your bungalow early, these book quickly!

Cubby Room Boarding Suites

   $28/day Our small dog suites are limited to pets 25 lbs. and under only. They are approximately 3ft x 3 ft in size and provide a more secluded environment for our smaller breeds.  The walls are solid with a gated front so our guests can take in their surroundings safely, without feeling isolated.  Our Cubby rooms include all of the amenities of the Caribbean Bay suites as well, minus the cot beds.  We offer our Cubby suite guests plush dog beds or fleece blankets if personal bedding is not available!

Cat Boarding

   $17 per day $15 per day for each additional cat in the same enclosure. All individual play time in the Cat Room is included. We have 2 level kitty condos for our families with multiple cats. We supply kitty litter, the litter box, beds and bedding (if requested) and all of the dishware. Litter boxes are cleaned multiple mes a day and our kitty condos are cleaned and water is refreshed during play me. We have a large custom cat tree, large windows and lots of cat toys to keep your feline friends entertained and active. 

*Pet Contract

*Vaccinations Required